Why Should You Adopt Your Pet from the Capital Area Humane Society?

March 20, 2014 by Capital Area Humane Society



Shelter pets aren’t damaged goods!  Many pets end up in shelters because of circumstances beyond their control. They were victims of a death in the family, illness, divorce or a move that didn’t include them. Some were displaced by a new baby. Others had pet parents who didn’t learn how to train them.


Here are 7 reasons to adopt your pet from the Capital Area Humane Society:

1.)  Adoption saves lives.  By adopting a pet from our shelter, you are opening up a space for the next pet coming in that needs help.

2.)  Our adoption fee goes right into our mission of helping animals/fighting animal cruelty, NOT into the pocket of a pet store or breeder.

3.)  Adoption means fewer surprises.  You can see the energy level, personality and grooming demands of adult pets.  All dogs over 6 months of age are assessed for aggression, so you know they are safe.

4.)  Adoptable shelter cats have been medically evaluated for health and temperament, as opposed to a “free to good home” kitten from a friend or neighbor. 

5.)  Adoptions from the Capital Area Humane Society come “fully loaded” and include:

o   spay/neuter surgery

o   first vaccinations

o   rabies vaccine if the animal is old enough

o   deworming medication

o   flea prevention

o   feline leukemia and FIV test for cats

o   heartworm test for dogs

o   A new collar and leash (dogs)

o   microchip and registration 

6.)  Our staff members are experts in care!  We’ll help you choose the right pet for you!

7.)  You are supporting a not-for-profit organization that has been serving pets and their people in your community for over 130 years. 

View all adoptable animals in real time on our web site at www.cahs-pets.org.  Adoption hours are 2-7pm weekdays, Noon-5pm Saturday/Sunday.

What we’ll need from you when you come to adopt:

o   Photo ID

o   Health information for any other companion animals in house

o   If you rent, permission from your landlord to have the pet you are considering –        either in writing on business letterhead or by phone at a verifiable business              phone number

Did you know?  The Capital Area Humane Society finds new homes for cats, dogs, rabbits and many other kinds of companion animals (26 “other” species in 2013).

View all adoptable animals at www.cahs-pets.org.  Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cahs1883 and on twitter @CapAreaHumane and using the hashtag #PetStarsCbus