Adopt me Today! Bessie

March 20, 2014 by Capital Area Humane Society


This is Bessie, a 4-year-old female Pit Bull mix.  She is presently in a foster home.


Bessie is a sweet and playful girl that loves attention but knows how to amuse herself as well. She still needs a little help with her leash manners, but she's got the game of fetch down solid. Bessie is housetrained and had wonderful manners in her foster home. She is mild, doesn't bark a lot and is confident in new places. She adores car rides especially with the window cracked just enough to feel the breeze. She does have some allergies so her new family will have to watch what food she eats.

Bessie is looking for a fun and loving home that is ready for her gigantic smile! Since Bessie is in a foster home, please contact the Adoptions Department at in order to schedule a time to meet with Bessie. You may be just the family she's been waiting for!

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